+++Mugshot to perform at FIIF Improv Festival in Finland+++

A trio made up of Claudia Behlendorf and Paul Ziehmer (Die Affirmative) and Lena Breuer (Taubenhaucher, former member of Die Affirmative).

All three share a passion for comedy, big characters, longform and the Reinheitsgebot, which in the end led them to create “Trust me” as the only logical consequence. Claudia specializes in shaking her curly hair in the most impressive ways and meanwhile blowing the audience away with an incredible range of characters, emotions and creativity. Lena is passionate about emotional stories and authentic feelings created in the moment. Lena is also passionate. Fullstop. Paul is well-known for his hilarious sidekicks, his sharp punchlines and his badly performed foreign accents which all sound like Swedish – even if he plays a Russian.

Current Format: Trust me!

A very subjective family story This show centers on brothers and sisters, a night to remember and on truth as a matter of perception.  The audience gets to decide which version of each scene is the most credible – or whom it trusts most. Trust me….not?