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Improv at its best

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About us

“A banana peel on the floor presents no hazard  for a scene– unless noone slips on it.” Die Affirmative was founded as “Die Schlaraffen” in 2010 in the basement of a run-down university building. What started with a broken leg in the first training session and nothing but enthusiasm has by now evolved into the best-known improv company in Mainz. 

 Our mission is to bring improvised comedy and laughs to the world.

How? We perform regular improv shows at different venues – short form, long form and original productions. We run a school focused on the craft of improvisation and comedy.

We offer free training sessons once a month. We collaborate with international instructors  and offer high-profile weekend workshops in English. We work with businesses to make work more entertaining and fun for everyone. And we reach out to the local community. We offer classes for teens and kids – for free. And (together with other phantastic improv Groups in Mainz) we organize the international improv festival ( Improfestival Mainz e.V. ) with the mayor of Mainz as Patron. Have a banana?  

About Improv

Improvisation (also known as Improv) is theatre, stories and comedy created in the moment.  The players make up scenes, games, characters and settings live on stage based on their co-player’s performance and the audience’s suggestions.

Improv is much more than just spontaneous comedy. It is a philosophy which empowers you to live in the moment, be open to adventures and embrace playfulness. The best moments in life happen unplanned!

If you want to dip your toes into the world of improvised Comedy, come to our monthly drop-in class, the Sunday Session (in German).

Upcoming Shows

May 29

German Show: Open Air Impro

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Ein lauer Sommerabend. Der Schlossbiergarten am Rhein. More

Ein kühles Mainzer Eulchen-Bier. Und dazu beste Unterhaltung auf der Bühne! Schräge Figuren, mitreißender Tanz, spannende Geschichten mit viel Situationskomik sorgen für den perfekten Ausklang eines Sommertages. 

Ort: Eulchen Schlossbiergarten (Schloss Mainz), Peter-Altmeier-Allee 1, 55116 Mainz (Zugang über Große Bleiche)

Uhrzeit: 19.00 Uhr (Beginn), Einlass 18.00 Uhr

Eintritt: 5 Euro

2nd June

German Show: Skuubiläum Improfestival (Bielefeld)

Skuub feiert fünf-jähriges Jubiläum und da sind wir natürlich mit unserer Eigenproduktion “Love Letters” dabei. More

Auch ansonsten wir der Abend sehenswert mit Gästern aus Berlin (Wonder Women) und Münster (Peng!). Zum krönenden Abschluss des Abends treten Gäste und Gastgeber in einem Maestro gegeneinander an. 

Ort: KuMu-Raum, Campus Uni Bielefeld (T0-260), Bielefeld

Beginn: 17.00 Uhr

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Sunday Session

Brand new? Advanced Player? Full pro? Everyone: Come and join us for some improvised fun!

Next Sunday Session: May 20th (with Julia)

Once a month we open our doors to everyone for two hours of creativity, playfulness, support, collaboration and fun – in short: we improvise together! No rules, no judgement, no audience, no pressure, no pre-registration and it’s COMPLETELY FREE. Everyone is welcome – from first-timers to advanced Players. The Sunday Session is in German however basic German will suffice.

German Newspaper Article about the Sunday Session: “Hier wandelt sich meine Angst […]schnell in Spaß um. Es wird sehr viel gelacht.” – meint die AZ Mainz nach dem Selbstversuch Sunday Session. Read more here: Artikel der Allgemeinen Zeitung!

Where:  An der Kaiserbrücke 7, 55120 Mainz, 1. Stock

When: 3 PM – 5 PM (we usually go for a drink afterwards)